Thrifted. Updates. Randoms.

1) Thrifted.
So, I clearly hit the jackpot this stop.  The store just received giant boxes of kids' books.  They told me to fill a bag for a dollar.  Goodness, all good, good books.  Some brand new. Too many to show you up close, but trust me...there's good ones.  Score.
Total $5.00

2) Updates

-My goal this week was to clean and tidy.  Great goal in theory, but what I take an hour to clean, Hurricane Audra can destroy in 2 minutes.  I feel like I have been spinning my wheels.  But the pantry is organized and the door is shut.  Small victories.
-I enjoyed having my family here for a week.  Although I'm sad they left before Thanksgiving, I am thankful they were all here.  I spent plenty of time in the kitchen, as there's literally no leftovers much of the time with 7 to feed.  It's nice to cook for those who appreciate it.
-A friend gave me some of King Arthur's sourdough starter.  It's been some time since I've had starter.  I kept up the last batch for over a year, even bringing it on our vacations when we drove. I let it lapse when we flew someplace, didn't know if we'd make it on a plane with sourdough starter.  It's going strong now.  We got our advent calendar up tonight and the kids made sourdough pretzels with me.  I think that sounds like a tradition to keep. 
-I put new curtains up in the living room. It only took me 2 hours to decide what I wanted.  I *think* I like them.  It's really the biggest small decision that I can't stop overthinking.  My husband doesn't get why I even think about this for more than a half a second. 
-I'm excited about this "Cookie Tag"game.  I do love my desserts.  (And psst...I'm posting a cookie recipe for you tomorrow.).

3) Randoms-Not the best pictures in quality (those kids move fast!), but it's sibling togetherness...which I love to see.


  1. You definitely hit the mother always find such great thrift items.... Let me just say, your little family is a joy to see. You can feel the joy from your pics....Your babies are precious and it is obvious. May you be blessed!

  2. The last photo is so lovely!
    Greetings, SK

  3. Beautiful photos! What great finds you got while thrift shopping! Way to go!



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