Oh, just another foot of snow...

My 3 year old is cheering for his answered prayer.  He's been praying for lots of snow to come and stay a long time.  Yup, we got that.

Of course we needed to get bundled ASAP. 
 I didn't see him much.  He used his mini John Deere for snow removal and then put on his snowshoes and explored.
 Baby girl just giggled.  A lot.
 The goats were less than impressed, but our dog had a ball.
 The wind was swirling the snow, so sweet girl didn't last long.
 I was looking back to see if she had hot chocolate before, and I guess she hasn't.  Only he has.

 She wasn't sure. 

 A chocolate face=delicious.
 When he finally came in, cocoa by the fire was were it was at.
 In his new favorite John Deere mug (thank you!)

 And so the days of my house looking like this has started.
 But it's all memories in the making.
 And for that, I'm thankful.  Yes, that's right.  Thankful for the snow.


  1. Oh a kid messy house is something that makes a person smile and remember thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us. Always makes me smile coming here. Hug B

  2. What delightful fun in the snow. I love those rosy cheeks and red noses. So cute!

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  3. I LOVE the photo of Audra with snowflakes on her eyelashes! She's beautiful!

  4. Nothing better than playing in the snow then coming inside by the fire for cocoa. Such happy memories you are making every day with your family :)



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