Thanksgiving Recap 2013

You know, I almost didn't "do" the traditional Thanksgiving.  My family all came and left before the actual holiday.  Their visits were so quick that they came and went before the turkey thawed.  And then my husband had to work on Thanksgiving. It's *just* the four of us.  Do we need all the hoopla for just us?

Silly me, of course we should "do" the traditional Thanksgiving.  Why not?

You know what's funny?  When all was said and done, I looked at my husband and said, "I used to feel like Thanksgiving was a big job in the kitchen, but after my days of canning craziness, Thanksgiving is a really not as much work as it seems."  We have a lot to be thankful for, which means we really should "do" Thanksgiving more often.  Plus, it's delicious.

A few highlights:

 Helpers.  Three of them. The tallest took care of the bird. The two shorter ones seriously helped with every part.  From putting carrots into the roasting pan to putting potato peels in the compost to basting the turkey to mixing the dessert.  So thankful they love to be in the kitchen.

The 1911 roasting pan that I got for a dollar (best dollar spent ever) and fresh herbs dried from our garden.
 My favorite dish:  Butternut squash and cranberry dressing.
Serving on my antique dish set with hand embroidered napkins. Our sweet three year old said he'd get forks, we all wound up with lobster forks.  We do live in Maine, ya know.
 The temperature was warm enough for the 3 season porch.
  The critters had their thanksgiving.

And sweet girl stayed out of trouble (mostly).  Let me tell you, this is monumental.
 The marvelous spread.

 And they ate a lot.

 And by far, my favorite, she held her daddy's hand through a good portion of the meal.  Just because.
Thankfulness abundant here.


  1. Awww, that hand holding IS sweet. The turkey looks amazing! I always cook mine from the frozen state in a bit of liquid so it never browns up like that. It looks DE-licious!

  2. So sweet. How cool is that being warm enough to eat on the 3-season porch! It was a bit chilly for that here although this week is a lot warmer. :) Happy you did the full Thanksgiving - always makes for a festive day.

  3. What a delicious spread! And it is the cutest thing ever that Audra held her dad's hand the whole time. Precious! I really like your dishes and it's great that you were able to eat out on the porch!

  4. Justin & Jackie,
    The house and family look fantastic. Happy Thanksgiving to you both and your amazing family.
    God Bless !!



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