Snowy Maine

It's that time of year...when half of the state wants the snow to never come and the other half can't wait to have a couple feet of snow.  My kids are in the latter camp.  Adrian says, "Mama, I'm praying for lotsa and lotsa snow and I want it to stay a looooong time." Needless to say, we're often outside in the snow, before 7am, with our pajamas on under our coats.  We run to the window when we hear the plow.  We want to wear our snowpants to bed.  Well, not we on that one-that one is strictly him.

Regardless if you're a snow lover or not, there's something quite magical about a farmhouse with a fresh blanket of white.  And two kids who can't wait to explore the frigid wonder.


.  I, for one, am a snow lover.  And will continue to be as long as the snow strictly falls when my husband is home to help with the marvelous task of snow removal.

Happy winter, all. It has arrived.

And it's Homemade Living Wednesday.

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  1. What fun! It's been so long since I've played in the snow. Enjoy yourselves. I hope you'll share this on the Maple Hill Hop!

  2. Love, love love the first snow! Ours arrived yesterday.Maybe it will be a white Christmas - fingers crossed.

  3. Im in Minnesota it's -20....Oh yes there is snow ..did I say it's -20 ! ENJOY !ENJOY!

  4. Im in Minnesota it's -20....Oh yes there is snow ..did I say it's -20 ! ENJOY !ENJOY!

  5. ha ha - I agree with the last part! I love snow but it can be quite a chore keeping up with it. :) We're expecting more snow on Saturday. Woo hoo!! Just beautiful photos.

  6. Awww, it's so cute how much they love playing in the snow. I am part of the other half - I don't care for it!



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