(Another) Upcycled Wool Dress

Oh, it's me again.  Hello.  With another upcycled wool dress for my baby girl.  I guess I am sort of doing an upcycled series, without even realizing it.  Here's the two others:

So I guess I shall call this upcycled wool dress three:

It was another of the $2.00 wool skirts I bought at the thrift store. Pattern was given to my by a friend.  This was a plaid pendleton.  The phrase "plaid pendleton" makes me smile, as my grandmother (my dad's mom) wore lots of plaid pendleton.  And pumps.  And make up.  And jewelry.  And nail polish. She was fancy. Anyway, I used to sew with her.  She would have loved this dress.  Although I'm not sure she would have been excited for me to rip up a plaid pendleton skirt that was my size.  Oh well.
 Baby girl?  She loves it too.  I love my baby wearing mama made woolens. I made it big and can take out the hem, hopefully it will last.

Here's the back. Well, sort of. It's so hard to get clear shots when she moves all.the.time.
 See what I mean?
 Of course when she stops, she refuses to look at the camera.
 But then, talking about horses, she stops -oh-so-briefly.  Just enough to snap a pic.
Dress number three is a hit.  Hmm...would I lose all my readers if I do an upcycled woolen dress #4?  Maybe there's someone out there who isn't tired of dresses.  (Hopefully).


  1. Keep 'em comin'! I can only aspire to be as crafty as you! I marvel that you are able to make your own clothes. She looks adorable and quite happy with her lovely new dress.

  2. Really cute! I love how you did the back. It's a nice little touch :)

  3. So cute!! I love seeing what you come up with. :)

  4. That dress is darling,! You are so talented....I love that you used the plaid skirt- it's perfect.



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