The BOG visits.

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In the blink of an eye, my family came to visit.  That's how long their stay always seems to last.  Minutes...even though it's really days.  The BOG came.  In some ways, I'm just like my dad.  Driven, busy, multitasker, umm...overwhelming at times.  In classic BOG fashion, he came with an agenda.  What most would do in a month, he does in 4 days.

He's been gradually working on insulating our icebox/aka kitchen.  There's zero insulation the kitchen.  Big drafty windows catch the strong winds from the fields.  Pipes freeze.  There's dirt right under the thin floors.  The floor is much too cold to walk on with just socks.  And the our bonus room above the kitchen had just about all of the insulation displaced from a critter ages ago.  Pretty much we spent last year heating the outdoors when we tried to heat it.  And it is the kitchen...which is such a necessary room. 

As the BOG said, the first year is just survival.  It will get better in time.  Last year, he insulated the attic.  Big difference.  This year, he insulated the wall and door in between the wood shed and kitchen.  Big difference already. 
 Not the best pictures, but this is all insulated now, thanks BOG. And he cleared it out and added shelves and pegs.  Love.
And he helped with more firewood. It's mighty handy having the woodshed attached to the house.

He covered this trap door:

Which was the back door to this neat little cut out for storing wood. You could fill it from the wood shed and then walk into the house and get it from the cubby.  Pretty neat, although we don't need to store the wood there.

  Because there was such a draft, I had this cubby filled with pillows. No more draft=a big cleanout=great storage.

Or a drive through window.
 Certainly a fun place for them to play!

The BOG has also been working on windows.  These pics are from when we just moved in.  As you can see, they were in rough shape.

 The BOG brought these windows home, preserved the old glass and made pressure treated windows using the old glass.  This isn't a little job, it's a huge job. And he did great work.  Looks marvelous, thank you!

(And thanks to my 'helpers')
And the garage (that has another in-use chicken coop in well as an outhouse!).

The best part of BOG visits is this:

Thanks for your help, BOG.


  1. Oh, I want a BOG! He's a great help to you and does really nice work. You'll be warmer this winter thanks to him.

  2. That last photo is so precious! It's wonderful that he's helping you guys out with some much needed home improvements. And I agree with Sue - I want a BOG, too!

  3. Wow! What a lot of work but you are so blessed to have a BOG! I need one!



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