A Skirt for Sweet Girl

I made this:

Inspired by this gift from my pal at Created Custom:

I like to have a little red/white/blue for this patriotic Fourth of July baby.
I liked the length for my soon to crawl little girl.
Didn't take long.  The skirt was on for no more than 3 minutes before she began to crawl. 
Crawled to something she shouldn't have and then she was off to her dad.  And she's hasn't stopped.
We have to watch even more closely...she crawls to stand.
We have two fast movers now and life just got even more interesting and fun.


  1. It looks so cute on her! I really love her sweaters, too!

  2. The skirts are sweet and I love her hat :-) Such a fashionable girl!

  3. So when is #3 scheduled to arrive??



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