Toy Rambling.

 I have no idea what I'm blogging about today. I find all these pictures in my files and I have no idea why I take them or what to do with them.  So, here I go, I'll be rambling. 

What I want to know is am I am not the only mama on the planet who is constantly rotating, changing, putting away, setting up and organizing kid toys?  I hope I'm not.  I know kids play so much better with not too may toys out and about and when the toys are presented in a non jumbled way, but I sort of take it to the extreme.  I swear the toy set up at the beginning of the week doesn't always look like the toy organization by the end of the week.  I have four shelves to kid tables and oodles of wooden boxes and baskets and I constantly rotate.  And then I get excited about my new set up and take a picture?  I'm really quite ridiculous. I've shared some playsets and I could go through the archives and show you more, but trust me, I'm just silly.  

Case in point...
In one week, this very shelf went from something similar to a grocery store type like this...
to a puzzle center.

To misc. city.
Guaranteed it will be something different by mid week. And then I get excited about this new bamboo set of silverware.  It cost just a few bucks, a perfect play utensil set (I sanded it down some after this pic). I have no idea why I took a picture of it, but here it is (along from the pottery I made when I took a class...I am a complete failure at pottery making).
 So then I take a picture of the shelf I put them on?  I've really lost it.
 I could go on and on about my crazy tactics... 
But, what really doesn't seem crazy at all is taking pictures of the kids enjoying what I create for them.  I just love love love watching them play.  I could sit for hours watching them.

I told you that was rambling.  And off I go to re-organize....


  1. That looks like a great play area, and it's so smart to rotate the toys. It's wonderful that you enjoy playing with your children and have lots of photos to remember this time - it goes fast (bet you haven't heard that one, haha). Keep on snapping!

  2. It's so fun to see them playing! I totally get how you could watch it for hours. I think you should keep taking photos of whatever you feel compelled to shoot. Better to have too many memories than not enough :)

  3. I love how "Bob the builder" is sitting at the table. Looks *super comfy*!



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