Our 2 1/2 year old

Was it yesterday that I was writing about you being two? Or being 18 months?

Oh, our sweet Adrian, we love you so.

And now you're two and a half.  You like saying that, two and a HALF.

You're a barrel of fun, that you are.  You're excited about everything. You want to help with everything. I never have to go looking for you, you're always right there. You're always under my feet or attached to me in a carrier. I never get tired of having you close.

You eat everything, just about.  You love all fruit, all dessert and salad with ranch dressing and croutons lately.  Plus pasta, you love that too.  But nothing tops french fries.

You're quite good at your list of chores...which you love to do.  I may be guilty of bribing you...for good behavior you earn more chores.  The rest of the world would think that's backwards, but not you.  You set and clear the table.  Load and unload the dishwasher.  Participate in all steps of laundry.  Feed the multiple pets.  Carry eggs safely.  Make sure everyone else (your daddy) stays on task.  You're the best boss out there...well other than me, that is.

If you have to get from point A to B, you either run or hop like a kangaroo.  Who has time for leisurely walking?

You love all your pets and want more.  You'll spend the morning just hanging with your chickens in the barn.  You're currently requesting a camel and a giraffe.  And a kangaroo.  Kangaroos are by far your favorites.

You love making things for others in your play kitchen.  You whip up a batch of play cookies for your stuffed animals.  You make some soup for your rocking horse.  Coffee or hot chocolate for your parents.  You offer all the recipe, as you're sure that needs to be shared too.

You've been a fan of your sister all along, up until she started moving. Now you holler her name constantly and you don't even want her to look at your toys.  She's most annoying to you, as she's not content until every puzzle piece is out of the puzzle, whereas  you insist every puzzle piece must be in it's correct location.

If you're missing, you're reading.  Mostly about animals.  Or Humpty Dumpty...who you love.

You love to organize in your own way.  If left to play on your own, you'll either serve us coffee or sort your cars/trucks. While you'll play other ways when we play with you, everything is indeed systematic.

You're an excellent listener and can understand so much.  You talk like a nearly four year old.  Your phone skills are remarkable.  You're not always good at volume...so some of your announcements mid church have been entertaining/embarrassing, depending on who you ask.

You're eager to learn everything that we know. You look forward to our two school days a week when I dedicate the entire morning to teaching/playing with you.  You can't wait to see what I've got in your workboxes.  You're also a fan when friends are invited on our school days.

You remember EVERYTHING.  You know who gave you every toy and every article of clothing.  You know when you got everything you have.  You remind me of stories that happened ages ago...like the balloon of yours I accidentally lost in April 2012. You also don't censor who hears the stories.  The whole grocery store line learned how dada made a mess when he fell through the ceiling.

You're FINALLY a good sleeper.  Knock on wood.

You say "I love both mama and dada".  You give us a hug with two arms around our neck, a kiss on our cheek, and often a kissing hand too.  Your manners are top notch.  You're super loving. 

You make us smile constantly. You're so easy to love.  We cannot imagine life without you.  You're a one in a million kid and we're incredibly lucky to be your parents.

Happy two and a HALF, dear Adrian.


  1. :) Caroline does the same thing with that crazy memory! She brings up things that I have to think back on and she is always correct. Of course they are! What a sweet write up!

  2. This is a sweet tribute to your little man.



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