Easter Basket for her, A shirt he made for her, heatnbond, etc.

Okay, a bit of a panic.  How is Easter THIS weekend?  It's sweet girl's first Easter, which means a basket is needed.  Of course I have to make one for her, since I made one for him.  (Here's his).

For his I spent oodles of time getting everything just so, hand placing, hand sewing.  There's  a time crunch here, I needed jiffy.  Enter Heatnbond.  I've never been much a user since I am a sewer, but I whipped it up, without sewing, in a jiffy.  Phew.  And it was F-R-E-E.  We all know how I love that word.

 The leftover HeatnBond pieces, I just couldn't toss.  I made them into little hearts for my little guy to decorate a shirt for his sister.
  I must say he did a great job, placing them so.
 He was so excited to give it to her.
 This was another shirt with a stain...can't see the stain now.
 She loves the shirt. 
 And he was hollering at her for getting it dirty at dinner.  "AUDRA!  Don't get your new shirt dirty!  I made that for you!
 Anyway, an applique in a jiffy too.  From what i understand, you can just go ahead and wash/dry the shirt with this new sew HeatnBond.  If you're not a sewer, you can try to make one of my applique shirt patterns with HeatnBond.   Need a pattern, look here. Little crafting successes make me smile just as much as bigger projects.  Onto the next now...


  1. I love that your little man decorated a shirt for his sister (and that mom made it possible :-). That' so cute. Happy Easter!

  2. That Easter basket is so cute! I just love it. And how sweet that he made a shirt for his little sister. Adorable! Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend :)

  3. That basket is adorable! and HeatBond is my friend.. that's how I made The Kid's St. Paddy's day shirt, I was going to make her an Easter shirt but I ran out of time. I certainly do not have time (ambition, talent... insert your own word here) to sew!! Good Job Mama (and Adri!)



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