Spotlight on my Dad: Kid Size Table

You never know what my dad is going to pack into his vehicle when he comes.  I'm lucky the last time it was really good stuff...not junk he wants to get rid of.  
I thought these chairs were long gone. They were mine when I was a kid...and they were my dad's when he was a kid.  He fixed them up and now they're set for a 3rd generation.
The center of the table was a chunk of wood my dad found in my grandfather's basement.  And the edge are from wood from our neighbors.  Lots of love and memories in this piece. 
Topped with my brother's old metal tractors.
It's been getting lots of use already.

Although the biggest use of late is throwing a mama made quilt over it.  They do love tent living.

Thanks, BOG!


  1. Your dad is awesome! What splendid pieces to treasure.

  2. So neat! I love hand me downs. Those chairs are beautiful!



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