Mama Made: Penguin Shirt (Free Pattern Included)

So, this mama found a shirt with a stain on it.  What to do?  If you've read my blog, you know that under no circumstances would I throw it away. I don't know what I thought of a penguin, but I did.  I free handed cut it out and decided to trace the pattern in case you want to make one too.  All done in an hour...amazing what can be accomplished when two kids sleep at the same time.  Anyway, you can find the pattern HERE.

 He's always cranky when he wakes from a nap, but today his crankiness turned into happiness.
 Did you know Arthur likes penguins?  That I did not know.

I love my sweet boy and all of his ideas. And I love seeing him wear a mama made.  It's like seeing him wear a hug from me.


  1. So adorable. I love it! And I think I might even be able to handle this project for a certain four year old, too. Thanks for sharing the pattern, mama!

  2. This is sooo cute! I love how you turned something others would throw away into a brand new shirt. The penguin is so cute and he looks adorable in it!



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