Yes, He Has a Room, Too....

After I posted all about her room here,

I was asked by a number of you about HIS bedroom.  Yes, he has a room too.  With flowered wallpaper that I'm sure he'll someday ask me to change, but for now, I sort of like it. 

Here's his big boy bed...someday I'll be brave enough to put the head/foot board on it.  He's never fallen out, but a mama can't be too careful.  Anyway, I'll circle the room, minus the windows, so you can see. 
(Mama made pillows and quilt.)
(Mama & BOG made sling bookshelf).
(Mama refinished dresser).
(Mama made Big Teddy.)
(Mama made train table).
(Mama made car roads.)

(Mama refinished night stand)
His room is usually pretty tidy, as he's an organizer (where does he get that from?!).  Except when his sister enters.  She's a disorganizer. 
My favorite picture of this little guy.
And do you see those grand push button light switches?
He loves his room.
But he doesn't like how she tears it apart.  Oh, siblings.
If you want to know anything specific about these mama mades, just ask.   By far, the best workhouse ever is this bookshelf.  Here's the link.
So there you go, his room.  I'm sure it will be changing. Like everything in this house, a work in progress is what it is.  But you asked, so here you go. 


  1. Very cute! Mama has been a busy lady!

  2. I love the dresser did such a great job!

  3. Awww how cute! I love how there are so many of your handmade pieces in his room. He looks like he loves it :)

  4. I like everything you've made but I'm especially loving that book shelf! A delightful bedroom. :-)



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