Tree Tappin'

Last year was the first year we tapped trees. See here and here .

I'm calling this post just tappin', as I don't think there will be much sugaring.  There's so many projects in the works here that we definitely aren't investing the time into doing it like we did last year.  We did tap this one tree out front, that obviously has been tapped before.  It's almost 120 inches in circumference!  The buckets keep blowing off...the field behind us is so windy, so it hasn't been too successful.  But, it's about the experience.  For a solid week, my little guy has been telling everyone he knows about the process of tree tapping.  "Tap trees.  Tap tap tap.  Bucket goes on.  Sap comes out.  Make maple syrup.  I help dada."  This year, it's not about the yield, it's about the experience.  It's been a fine one at that thus far.  Here's some pictures for you to enjoy (oh, they're wearing their new hats, knitted by Nam, whom they love so much...Adrian sleeps in his.):



  1. I love how excited he is to help out. Those photos are so cute :) That is one monster tree! I bet you could get enough sap out of that one alone to boil down!

  2. M-m-m-maple syrup! I like that it's a job the whole family gets involved with. And there's those kissable rosy cheeks again. You have a sweet family :-)

  3. That tree is HUGE! Do you have any others on your new property that could be tapped? This is a someday dream of mine - I come from a family of loggers, and maple syrup is a "spring break" tradition, When the woods are too muddy to log, they take the 3 weeks off and tap trees/make syrup! I can't wait for Maine Maple Sunday I'm going to take The Kid to Bradbury's Sugar Shack for some maple candy:)



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