Our favorite outdoor event lately?  Tracking footprints.  On our snowshoes.  Find the tracks and follow them. A certain two and a HALF year old loves going.

Mostly they're deer tracks, but we find some others too. 
And to a mama's delight, this is what I found upon returning from work one day this last week.  I think it's awesome he brings two kids snowshoeing.
We do love tracking animals.  But we may love the obligatory post tracking mama made hot chocolate even more.

Happy tracking, all you wilderness lovers.


  1. It's great to pass knowledge and fun memories on to our children like this. They probably won't remember it as learning per say. But remember they what tracks belong to which animal. Fabulous!

  2. So cool! We really need to muster up the oomph to do more of this with our little guy.

  3. How fun! I bet the hot chocolate is the perfect ending to all the tracking :)



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