Sometimes that which you don't plan becomes the perfect photo op. I had set out to take pictures of our just planted apple trees...

But that turned to this:
 Which warmed my heart so...
 And this is most definitely my new favorite picture.
 And his smile is contagious.
 And those cheeks are oh so kissable.
 And just like that, I forgot what I had set out to do. I laid down next to them, enjoying the view.
 Goodness, we had a marvelous time in the grass.
 All of us, even our Kammie.

An afternoon well spent.
Happy weekend, all!

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  1. Those are the most adorable photos!! I don't blame you for stopping what you were doing and just enjoying them. My boys are grown now and what I wouldn't give to get this stage in their lives back. Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by My Ordinary Country Life and leaving me a comment....:)))))))



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