These are not edited, not the best quality, not really 'share' worthy in the take, according to my standards.  No, they won't win a photography contest.  But I couldn't delete them.

The content is oh so good.  A dad and his two kids.  Rolling down the mountain (which is really a slight molehill).  Laughs, giggles, squeals.  "Again dada!".  A little one signing "more".  A mama standing at the top of said 'mountain' smiling ear to ear, with a heart full of love and eyes all puddled up.

This weekend, I'm doing more of living the life I always imagined I'd live. 

I hope you're off to do the same.


  1. Happy Mother's Day weekend!!!

  2. Too precious! I couldn't delete these either :)

  3. The quality of photos don't mean a thing when they show the beautiful quality of life you have with such a beautiful family. This to me is a mother's dream come true in every sense of the word. Two beautiful, happy, children and a loving father for them to play doesn't get any better than that. Hope you have a lovely Mother's Day...thanks for sharing all those beautiful photos and smiles.



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