Farmhouse Updates

We've been making progress on our garden.   My dear husband did the rototilling.  We saved and saved for a shiny new tiller.  Much of our plot is tilled.  Garlic scraps are up from last year.  Rhubarb is plenty.  Spinach, carrots, swisschard, peas are up.  Kale should be sprouting any day. I'm waiting (sort of) patiently for the last danger of frost to pass to keep planting.(Can you spy the chicken in the Tonka truck?!).

We put in 4 blueberry bushes that aren't taking so well. I think it was in the packaging, the root separated very easily from the soil when it came out of the package.  They may or may not make it.  But, we did put in 10 strawberry plants that are doing super well.  Close by, there's oodles of berries in the grass adjacent to where they used to have the edge of their garden.  The leaves look slightly larger than the typical wild strawberry plant, but time will tell.  This will be our berry patch. Heirloom raspberries will be next. We also planted four apple trees over to the side, which wasn't done at the time of this photo. Jonathan, Cortland, McIntosh and Fuji.  I hope they take, we've been watering them.

 I also have squealed with excitement, well, 6 times. Yes, you can hardly walk through this field with all the brush...but do you spy what I spy?!  Mature apple trees!!!  I've counted six around the property, squealing each time I find another.  I wonder what fruit they will produce?  There's supposedly an asparagus patch somewhere....haven't found it yet, but I keep looking.
On to inside...seedlings.  Most all flats I've started and a couple I've bought. Lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, basil, parsley, broccoli, kale...and I'm sure there's more.  Plus some marigolds and some morning glories, just for fun.  I cannot believe how our screen porch has served as a pseudo greenhouse.  This picture was from last week, they're an inch taller now!  Very exciting, indeed.  Now, if I actually plant and harvest all that I started, I will have a plethora for preserving.  Fingers crossed.
These turkeys need to stay away. They keep coming around these parts, sometimes in a full strut, thinking they own this joint. 
 Anyway, lawnmowing is a fun time for a certain little guy.
 He's been doing much exploring.  He loves worms and bugs, just like his mama.

She spends much of her time strapped to my back outside.  Fine by me.

They really are becoming better and better pals everyday.
 The birds have gotten really brave, it's marvelous to see them so close.
Most meals have been outside.  Tastes better that way.

There's vases filled with flowers...all over the typical Jackie style.
  If you can't find my husband, he knows the best place to rest.
All in all, I look at what I have and someone needs to pinch me.

I cannot believe I am living in my dream home.  I married a great guy, I have two amazing kids. 

This portrait of all of us here...this is what's making me smile as of late.  Life sure is good.


  1. Wow - you've been very busy. Your garden sounds wonderful, and I love your photos! Enjoy those apple trees - there is nothing quite like an apple right off the tree!

  2. Apple trees - yay! That is a great discovery. I'd be squealing, too :) That hammock looks like the perfect place for an afternoon nap! Hope you have a fun weekend!



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