Our New Neighbor

Meet Beau.  Not ours, our neighbor's.

He's their new Golden Retriever puppy.  And he's just as cute as cute can be!
They asked if we'd let him out mid day sometimes during the week. 
 We couldn't nod our head faster!!!  Yes, we'd love to care for a cute and playful puppy!
 And goodness, is he every playful!
 Adrian declared "Beau is going to be my best friend".
 Audra isn't intimidated by him at all.

 And now Adrian wants to know if we can bake bread so he can get his own puppy?

We have Beau to borrow.
 And we're thankful for that.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh. When I didn't think your blog could get any cuter you go and post this! Too much! I had a feeling Adrian would be adding a puppy to his list after playing with this cutie :) Beau is soooo adorable!



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