Just a little (TRAIN) surprise...

He woke up to his clothes all laid out.  I told him we were going someplace special.  He knew exactly where we were going once he saw his outfit.  "Mama, I am so excited!".

All we did is go to where I went to grad school...University of New Hampshire.  Maybe a half hour drive?  It was really neat going by our farm, though.

They loved the train ride and neither of them wanted to get off.  Audra signs train and says 'choo choo'...just like her brother used to do when he was smaller (click here to read).

We went to the horse barn, walked around campus and grabbed some lunch/ice cream.  So simple, so relaxing in the beautiful weather.

 And then a couple tired kids were ready to go home. 
 Sometimes, doing something out of the ordinary is just what we need to really enjoy time together as a family.


  1. Oh I am as excited as he was waiting for that train. What great memories and experiences you are giving your children. Great photos. B

  2. Oh my gosh. Farmer Adrian in his outfit is just too cute for words! So sweet that he knew exactly what was coming when he saw the clothes :) Looks like a fun train ride! I must admit, I like riding on trains too :)



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