Warm evenings...

Warm evenings, how I love thee. 
The way our schedules work, being opposite shifts and all, I am the one who is home with the littles at night.  It's been 4 times that I haven't put my son to bed (two weddings, one dinner with friends and the birth of his sister).  Only once for his sister.  I know typing this I'll hear "You really should get out more".  I go plenty of places during the day. 
 At night, home is where I want to be.  
There's such a rhythm to our after dinner evenings.  In the winter, there's the playroom, fireplace and books.  Inside, cozy, flannel, together.  But not now. There's sandals, sweaters, flowers, togetherness. 
We're usually eating dinner outside and we find ourselves lingering just a bit longer after we've cleaned up our meal.  Sprinting through open fields, checking on the gardens, willing the sun to set just a little slower.  
And if we're lucky, we catch the train.
I always drag them in, they don't want to retire for the night.  I secretly agree...I'd prefer these warm summer evenings to go on an on.  But alas, there's books to read...and we all enjoy that too.
 It's such a special time, my little ones and me.  I'm thankful.


  1. That's sweet. I don't generally tell people they should get out more - unless they're going stir-crazy - and it sounds as though you aren't. The kids only stay little for a short time - it's wonderful you're enjoying it.

  2. That is a great way to spend an evening! I'm with you - I want to be home at night. I don't have children yet, but the routine of feeding the animals and locking them up for the night is one that I don't want to miss. I feel so unsettled if I don't start my evenings that way!



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