Chicken Little Living the Big Life

No rest for the weary.  If you're a chicken living on this farm, there's work to be done.
Some chickens earn their keep by laying eggs.
 Some do excavation.
 If you're set to spend your life on our farm, each day could be an adventure.
 I don't know if they're thinking they are lucky...
 Or if they think they're being raised as slave labor.
It is what it is.  I could take pictures like these daily.  This is just how our chickens roll...


  1. I love having chickens. We will have to get some more soon. I miss them!

  2. Oh I just loved every moment of this post. B

  3. I can't take the cuteness! Oh my gosh. He is so adorable with that little chick.

    Hope you have a great mother's day weekend!



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