Little Blue Truck Shirt/Playset

Have you read the book Little Blue Truck?  If you haven't, you should.  We love it around these parts. 

Well, the love of the book---> a mama made.  Totally a math equation you'd expect if you come around these pages, huh?

And of course, he loves it.  Keep reading, your pattern for this will be posted.
Oh, but I didn't stop just there. Around the same time I created this, I also noticed that our fridge is empty of magnets.  I decided to use the same pattern I created for the truck and the dumptruck and make corresponding animals.  I didn't copy the artwork at all, just sketched my own quick version. It's not good enough to share, but I am anyway, because my kids loved it.  Kids are forgiving, not even criticizing the total non-artist that created them.  All I did was color, cut, glue onto thicker paper and cut/hotglue old magnets on the back.  Done.

Find the free patterns/printables here.

 And they love the set, they really do.

 I hope you'll make a set too!


  1. We just heard that book for the first time at the library,they loved it,such a cute book!!!!

  2. I bet they do love the magnets! I think they are really cute. And the shirt is adorable as well. Great job, Mama :)



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