More painting...Master Bedroom

I have had another spurt.  More painting.  It always come in spurts and I was on an upswing.  Painting, painting and more painting.  I painted our bedroom, a long hallway and three pieces of furniture. The second a little one fell asleep, I painted. And now I'm sick of painting.  Same thing happened last time, I painted until I wanted to paint no longer.  A couple months went by and I'm at it again. It might be a few more months before I get another spurt.  But, alas...progress has been made.  I have only taken pictures of the bedroom and headboard/footboard.  I don't even want to look at the other things I painted to take pictures just yet.  I'm that sick of painting.

Although I love and appreciate all the wall paper in this house and imagine the story behind it, all this wall paper makes me feel like a guest.  I didn't pick it, it isn't what I would have picked, and while I do appreciate it, it's not 'us'.  Soooo....another room on the list...and a three year old who sobs big sobs that I'm ruining the beautiful flowers on the wall.  Goodness, he's dramatic.

This time, our room.  We've been at this room for a while (see here and here).

Just as a refresher, here's a before:

And here's now.

And the headboard and foot board I painted with milk paint and waxed.  Just like they did back in the day, before they had all the fancy paints.  It's so cool, you paint it and it comes off in random places, just because.  This is what 'red' turns out as. 
 I love it (along with my Merry-Christmas to me Chicken those too).
 Now there's a blank white slate everywhere.  Which gets me excited, as I get to dream, play and perhaps create to decorate these walls.
 Even though we lived here over a year, now that it's painted, I finally feel like it's mine.  And my husband loves it so much, too.

 Really, it's the room we all gravitate towards, which I love.

 Suggestions from all you readers?  We're blessed with lots of wall space in this room. What types of things would you hang on the walls?
 I'd love your suggestions...I'd love to have the walls tell our story or be a reflection of who we are.

But, until then, we'll just go on making memories together. 


  1. Beautiful! Well done.

    It's hard to decide what to hang on walls but you need a powerful pop of colour. Perhaps a series of child-created painted canvas? Squares blocked off with tape and let them go at it?

    Enjoy the "new" space.

  2. Love the wood floors and the new wall color! Bedrooms are so personal. I have pictures on the walls of the things I love-front porches I got off a calendar, family vacation spots and handmade embroidery piece that my mom made long ago. Have fun!

  3. I do love the white! I used to hate white walls, but now I really like them. They make a room look so fresh and crisp. Maybe you could print out some of your cute photos and do a gallery wall? I think that would be nice :)

  4. we have a few of our wedding photos on the walls of our room, I have a shelf where my bouquet is, and our wedding glasses are, other than that we've got really nothing. I need to do something with our walls eventually they're textured and hideous, but at least they're white.

  5. I love your room. The wood floors are beautiful. I think some fun chicken photos would be fun. The ones with your kids, I love them. ;-)

  6. So beautiful!! I could see some sort of old window or shutter or something turned into a photo gallery or a lovely old wooden ladder hanging with some of your amazing quilts.

  7. Your room is amazing! What a transformation. I love neutrals. I really like Staci's ladder idea. There must been an old wooden ladder or two left on the property waiting for you to re-purpose. An armoir would fill a lot of wall space. Linens, quilts or baskets stacked on the top (or linens in a basket) look really homey and fill the space up almost to the ceiling. Collages of black & white or grey scale photos done in the same colour frames and mats (not necessarily the same style frame) look pretty nice too. Whatever you decide do share! :-)

  8. Looks great! If you want to bring nature inside, I'd add some prints from outdoors- photos, prints, whatever. I'd add something with some warm colors since you have blues and browns... Nancy @ Little Homestead



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