Thirfted. Fox Hats. Updates.

1) Thrifted.

Still catching up on thrifted finds.  I keep posting other things, but have many thrifted finds to show you.

Now that we own *only* one house, I decided I can afford the more expensive thrift store.  More expensive, yes...but still very reasonable.
Three brand new tin boxes.  Not sure for what, but I had to have them.  A fox hat, a baseball glove and an entire set of vintage Richard Scary books (love!).  $10.
Two doll chars.  A bud vase.  A metal pitcher (which I put my kids' drinks in and they pour them into their own cups), a set of 6 kid sized pottery mugs, a cute little bell, four vintage plates. $12.

And since I'm on a spending spree...on another trip, I also hit the jackpot for good condition used kids' outdoor/sports equipment.  Ice skates, helmet, soccer cleats, shinguards, another baseball glove and a beach umbrella.  All for $22.00. 

It's amazing what you can get if you're patient, keep your eyes open and frequent a thrift store ~3x a month.

2) And those fox hats.  Love.

Yeah, I think they're related.

Those books are a hit too.

3) Updates

* I'm not painting this week. Not at all.

* I feel foolish that I complained at the sparse harvest.  Every meal I have made since June has incorporated something we grew.  That feels amazing.

* I wish I could wave a magic wand and all the housework would disappear. Because all I really want to do is wear wool, have a warmed rice bag on my lap and be raising and lowering the presser foot on that sewing machine.

*The pipes have froze 6x so far this year.  Not fun.  We have had 3 quotes for replacement windows.  Decision time.  I hope it makes a difference.

* I had the most glorious snowshoe adventure, by myself, this weekend.  Sun shining bright.  A balmy 19 degrees=no need for hats/gloves. (Thick blood, I tell you.) Snow crunching under my toes.  Dog running along beside me. Sun shining between the trees.  My heart pumping.  There's no better way to recharge.

*I scheduled myself too much at work today.  Seeing the kids is the fun part of the job.  The mound of the aftermath paperwork will not be fun.  I CAN do today and do it well. That's what I'm telling myself.

Happy Wednesday/Humpday.


  1. I adore your thrifted posts. You find the best stuff! Hope you get to spend some time with the rice sock, sewing your little heart out.
    19 and no gloves? Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I'd never make it up there! ;0D

  2. Love those little mugs. I have a thing for pottery. :) Your home looks very cozy in these pics! Is that a woodstove in that one pic? We're currently saving for a woodstove. It would have come in really handy this winter!

  3. Yup! They're related all right! They could be twins. I am so proud of you for putting your produce down. Look what delicious benefits you are reaping! The little clear bottle in the 2nd photo is an oil cruet (I'm pretty sure I see a spout on it.). I love those tin boxes and Richard Scarry was a bedtime ritual at our house! Great finds.

  4. Good luck at work today! Hopefully the paperwork isn't too bad. Those tin boxes and vintage plates are such great finds! I'm glad you finally sold your other house so you can afford the more expensive thrift stores now :) But you did a good job in the past of sticking to your thrifting budget when you had to!

  5. The snowshoe adventure sounds marvelous. Hoping for one of those soon, it is still so cold here. :-(
    -22 this morning and the high got to 0

  6. Thank you all for the thumbs up! :) And yes, that is our Hearthstone Clydesdale wood stove. We love it.

  7. Oooooooooooh... those vintage Richard Scarry books... awesome find! Great photos! Thanks for sharing.



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