Thrifted. Randoms. Updates.

1) Thrifted.
A couple games.  Wooden matching set.  Brand new sticker and temporary tattoo books.  $5.00.
Metal slinky.  Wooden jam spreader.  Two wooden brand new yoyos.  A wooden shape sorter.  Wooden booster seat and the poem book.  $5.35.

2) Randoms

* After being sick, really sick, for almost a week, I am thankful to be back to my regular self.  Somehow, although all I wanted to do was curl up somewhere quiet, I mustered the energy to keep things going for my kids for Christmas.  Thankful for that.

*  Snow, snow and more snow is coming our way.  I enjoy snow, but it's been so cold and icy that it's not too fun out there.  But, we do get outside everyday.  It's zero degrees and my kids trudge along with me to do those chores.  If given the chance to stay in, that's what I would do. Not my kids.

* I've been on a painting spurt lately.  A friend once said that if you sit still too long in my house, you might get painted.  I have been painting everything and anything lately.  It's funny how these spurts come.  I ought to take some pictures, haven't done that yet.  On the to do list.

* Although I grumbled about our garden being not what we wanted it to be this summer, all of our dinners are planned around the garden still, and breakfast and lunch often have something from the garden as well.  It's awesome, it really is.

*Thanks to the Efficiency Maine program, we're getting our kitchen floors insulated for next to nothing in the next couple of weeks.  I cannot wait to have a kitchen floor that doesn't freeze your toes instantly. Someday, we'll have a set up where we won't have to unthaw our frozen pipes in the morning too.  Someday...

3) Updates.

Just a couple gifts I finished, for friends' kiddos.

And a couple winter fun favorites.

Indoor tents.

 And learning about tractors, of course. 
 And that wraps up the random post.  Off to paint...


  1. Hope you're feeling stronger now. Being sick around the holidays is no fun.
    You get the best thrift stuff!
    I hope you'll document when you get your floors insulated. I am fascinated to see how they do it!

    Enjoy your day!

  2. Sorry to hear you've been so sick. I'm glad you're feeling better. What awesome thrifted finds. That chair will be adorable when you're done with it. Lovely handcrafted gifts as well.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Love your thrifted items. Now that I have a house rabbit to keep from getting bored I'm looking at them with new eyes. Lavender would love the Slinky and wooden booster seat. :-D I think it's pretty amazing that you are still enjoying your garden produce! And, I'm glad you are feeling well again. Being sick over Christmas is not fun.

  4. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better! It's so awesome that you are still eating from your garden's bounty. We still have some herbs and squash left, but for the most part we ate up all our harvest a long time ago.



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