Thrifted. Randoms. Updates.

1) Thrifted and Randoms Pics.  

First I want to say how delightful I find it that so many of you appreciate all the junk I find when thrifting.  It's fun for me to spot these deals and it's double the fun to share it with people who find these scores equally as exciting.  Here's another round.

Brand new pack of erasers. Binoculars. Spot book and a Barefoot books book.  A brand new number puzzle (that I will be giving away), a magnadoodle that is the perfect size for Handwriting without tears.  A vintage number/peg game.  A box of sponges for painting. $5.50.
And...a pair of skates, a Thomas the train puzzle, three straw hats, stencils, four miniature baskets, a tiny metal pitcher, a vintage dish, stencils and the suit coat shown in the next picture: $7.50.

 Goodness, we have fun with those hats.
 And just so you can see how long my hair was before I cut it...
 Those miniature baskets are perfect for feeding horses.

2) Updates.

I've still been working at trying new things with the starter.  Here's a sour dough pizza crust.

It's almost February.  February means time to prune these fruit trees.  It's sort of the start of the gardening season in a way.

I have one chicken moulting right now.  She's bare.  Poor planning on her part. It's cold out there.

Although insulating the kitchen floor hasn't helped our frozen pipe issue (they have frozen 12 times thus far), it's much warmer to walk in there.  And the dog water on the floor doesn't freeze.

My oldest had a little bread that was store bought.  "Mama, what is this?  It's not good at all. I only like your bread."  Either I created a monster or I should celebrate he appreciates mama made.

I could use a month of staying home just to finish all these crafty projects I have in my head.  My friend let me borrow a couple Ottobre and a stack of paper Oliver & S patterns.  I want to dive in. I'm not the most patient person out there.

I'm joining my friend Sue from Little Acre that Could in her recent challenge to herself. She's going to make 12 skirts, one a month, for herself this year.  Read about her pledge here.

I am jumping on board with her and my goal is making a dress for sweet girl every month.
In case you haven't noticed, 9/10 times, she's wearing a dress.  For no other reason other than I like to dress her up. She won't want to be my live doll forever, so I want to dress her in cute little mama made dresses for as long as possible.  So this year, I'm going to focus on playing dress up.

How about you? Do you have a crafty project that you are working on? Or you want to work on?  If you do, finish it before the last Monday of the month and Email me a pic. I'll include it in my post.  So look for the next dress the last Monday of the month, every month. (Although I likely will post January's next week. Just about finished and need to take a pic.)

Because creating is where the fun's at.  Won't you join?


  1. Oh Sue has set a wonderful goal and now your dresses for your darling daughter, this gets me excited to see your handiwork. Love the hats. Keep warm I can hear that sewing machine humming. Hug B

  2. Love it, Jackie! Your Itch to Stitch button is sweet. :-D As usual, your thrifted items are fun to see and the price is fun to see too. You did great! How much did you cut off your hair?

  3. Ohh I am SO tempted to do this too. One dress per month for my daughter........hmmmm, I may just do this!
    Love your thrift finds and question.... I make our own bread also but have the hardest time getting a good fluffy sandwich bread. Would you suggest Sourdough? I haven't tried it yet because it seems difficult and I prefer using whole wheat flour and assumed you couldn't use whole wheat for it. I obviously know little about it and just wondered if you had a post about it.

  4. I love those skates! I saw a lot of people use skates in their Christmas decor and it was so cute. You got a steal! And I can't wait to see all the cute dresses you make!

  5. How much do I love that your boy can distinguish quality bread. Yeah, you're doing something very right, my friend.
    Always love your thrifts.
    Congrats on taking up the sewing challenge. I guess I'd need to learn how to sew before I did that. ;0)

  6. Oh my, dog water freezing on the floor - now that is cold! The hats look like so much fun. My oldest daughter only wore dresses for several years when she was young. In the beginning she only had a couple dresses, but she kept pulling them out of the hamper to wear. Eventually I just started buying her dresses. It will be special for your little girl to have mama made dresses!

  7. looks like a lot of fun, regardless of weather. We had 2 chickens with poor planning - the second one is just starting to get feathers back. Poor thing. The pizza looks delicious!!

  8. Cute! Here's my thrifting today-

    Have you tried making your hen a "saddle"? I made on out of polar fleece when one of mine molted dead winter. She got used to it quickly. Took me about 5 mins. to make...



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