Gardening 2015: Take one

It's that time of year. I've started 2 rounds of seedlings. One a 2 1/2 weeks ago. One a week and a half ago. More to come. Did I mention that there's still FEET of snow on the ground, with little signs of it melting away? Yeah, so we'll just ignore that thought.

The fun:

Bits of green popping up get me excited for freshness.

Seeds that expired two years ago are still VERY sproutable. (Not a word, but it works.)

I hate how long peppers take to sprout.

My kids love planting...aka moving dirt around and making a colossal mess.

The obstacles:

I keep meaning to set aside my own compost to use for starting come spring. Only it's all frozen now, as I never thought of it before the snow flew.

The awesome compost I bought last year isn't in stock yet. They said "We won't stock that until there's more snow gone. No one is thinking of gardening with all this snow."  I beg to differ.  Oh well, I found something.

Our greenhouse, aka sunporch, is still too cold. All are in the living room.

I never mark what I grow. Which is ridiculous because then things sprout and I have no idea.

What's planted:

Five types of tomatoes. Two types of peppers. Eggplant. Parsley. Basil. Onion. Greens. Another round of cantaloupe that will probably lead to nothing, like usual. (I think that's it? I can't remember since I never bother to label. Really foolish of me.)

Anyway, come along and see our 'garden' thus far.

 (What, it doesn't look like gardening weather outside?)

What a difference a few days makes!


  1. So exciting! I love to see your kids digging in. I guess you'll have a surprise garden! C'mon snow, melt. Jackie needs her gardening fix!

  2. Yay for seeding starting and seeing those green sprouts!

  3. We just bought a little mini greenhouse/seed starter thing today. Happy planting!

  4. Nice! I have no room in our tiny house to set out any started seeds which is a really big bummer. I have to wait until I can plant in the ground. My husband is collecting old windows so he can build a tiny greenhouse one of these years.

    1. If you were closer, I'd gift you old windows. Better yet, we could have a window frame party! We replaced ALL the windows in our huge house and I saved them all with cold frames and/or a greenhouse in mind!



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