We are home sweet home after being away for a few days.  It's so good to be home. As always after any trip, there's so much to do after the return. It sometimes is a struggle to get things done with two littles and keeping them media free.  Enter homemade popsicles. And truth be told, it's just unsweetened apple or pear juice I made in the fall.  I guess having it frozen makes it extra exciting.

"You want a popsicle?  Find a place to sit.  Sit down and eat it. If you get up, you're telling me you are all done. Find a cozy place to sit so you can enjoy it!"

Frequently I use the popsicle trick so that we all sit down and take in the summertime together.  It's always a great time to chat about our day, enjoy our time and have a few snuggles.

Sometimes, it's popsicles that give me the extra 10 minutes to get that item crossed off the to do list. 

I think I shall be using the popsicle trick today for the latter, not the former.  I'm so eager to be settled back into home sweet home.

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