Garden 2015: Update 7

Our garden to date:

Gardening 2015: Take One
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Take five.
Update 6

Here is what our garden looked like on July 16th.

Here was our garden on August 7th.

Overall, things are doing okay!  The squash bugs, cucumber beetles, potato bugs, Japanese beetles, blight and the like have been frustrating, but haven't won.  I've calculated 177 pounds of produce that I've brought into my house thus far.  Last year, we had 250 pounds. I'm confident we'll surpass that given we haven't brought in all the tomatoes, potatoes, squash and pumpkins as of yet, and they can add the poundage! Each day I'm trying to make a homemade meal and preserve something. Lots of drying of kale and herbs and then canning and freezing whatever else I can do.
 My cabbage have always been so small previous years, much bigger this year! Although the tomato plants have blight, the majority of my tomatoes have been without much of a blemish. 
 Basil pesto is in the plan.
 So far, the plants on the growing the potatoes in a box are bigger than the ones growing in the ground soil.

 Not the best pic, but you see the mysteries we have.  All the squash seems like we've developed a new variety.
 Our backyard.
 She does a lot of wandering and exploring.

 He's still mulching. Bless his heart.

 They are mighty helpful.

 My son is me. He organizes, has uniform cuts and saves the seeds for next year.
 The discovery of cucumbers and the pretend play that is inspired. Entertaining.

 It was a baby here.
 But then a phone.

 How I dried the oregano. I have a lovely jar filled with it dried in the kitchen now.
 And the meals! (Yes, my kids eat this stuff.)

 It's not perfect, there's room to grow (pun...hehe), but I'm getting there. One year of improvements at a time. And you, how is your garden doing?


  1. What a bountiful harvest! Your meals look so delicious!

  2. Oooh, I'd sit down for dinner there anytime! Slurp!

    Our garden is mostly asleep right now. Fall planting will begin soon though!

    1. You're planting as we're putting our garden to bed!



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