Saturday this week, it's just the littles and me.  Other than milking and turning the animals out to pasture, the rest of the chores are finished already.  I have a quadruple batch of granola sitting on the counter for breakfast. Lunch is leftovers and I do plan on making my family a delicious garden fresh dinner. (That likely will involve homemade salsa with our fresh tomatoes and cilantro.  Mmm.).   Most everything is already done.

Basically, it's a free day with no plans.  Doesn't happen very often!  What I plan to do? Let my littles lead.  We may end up at the beach, on a hike, at our neighbor's, in our back woods or back yard.  Likely there will be lots of time with the animals. Whatever we do, we'll be doing it together.

Thankful for that.

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