Somedays we get a lot of help in things we want help in. Sometimes the help is a little too helpful.  Sometimes the help just doesn't care their toys are sprawled out across the whole room.  One thing for sure, our help have opinions.  For example today, one of the help decided she needed to help run errands (aka how many times can we unbuckle and buckle you in a given hour) while the other one decided he was going to sweep all the hay in the barn into one huge pile in the center of the walkway.  We truly have the best help out there....without them, we'd be stuck with a cake with way too few sprinkles.


  1. I totally understand the unbuckling.. but it's so much more cheerful if the help is doing errands with you <3

  2. Thank God for the help. I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing today without them! P.S. That blue smocked dress is darling!



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