Thank you, Ophelia

Tonight it's cheesemaking night.

My rennet use tells me I round out 160 gallons of hand milked milk turned into cheese since August 2015....that's not counting the yogurt, butter, milk, cream and buttermilk used up.

The book "Kiss the Cow" sums up my thoughts exactly.

Thank youOphelia
My children shall eat
Cheese fresh and yellow 
Milk warm and sweet

I have learned SO much since last summer and still have so much to learn. 

The world is wide open with information and opportunity. There's not enough hours in the day!

Thankful for my journey thus far...even though I have totally turned my kids into cheese snobs.  Audra says "Mama, I would rather have warm, fresh cheese than cold cheese. Can you make me some fresh cheese?"

Regardless, thank you Ophelia.



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