May 20th

Do you see what I see? 

Me: "It looks like someone has been into the cake."
Audra (world's most regular fibber): "Probably Adrian did it."
Adrian (never tells a lie): "I didn't do that."
Me (sternly): "Audra did you do this?"
Audra (innocently): "No."
Me (more sternly): "Audra. Tell me the truth."
Audra: "I didn't get into it, I was just trying to see if I remember what it tasted like. That's all."

Well, Happy what would have been birthday to my mom.  Celebrating memories with cake....that's been tampered with apparently.  If she were alive, she would have not minded one bit that her granddaughter's fingers were zipped across the top. In fact, she might have even taken that piece.  She would have loved her grandkids!


  1. How sweet that you honor your mom each year.
    Audra is learning a lot about life. Cute lil' stinker. ;0D

  2. What a great way to share memories of your mom with your children! I am with Audra, I am not sure I could have resisted this delicious looking cake! :)

  3. I just love this! And I'm a grandma and no, I would not care if my grandchild's finger was through the frosting.

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