Remembering my little 'roos.

Today they marched to their friend's birthday party by themselves (I had somewhere else to be). They don't go places without either one of us or a grandparent, so this was big. They are getting so big in so many ways, which realizing this has me searching for those long ago images.

 My little babies! While I still wear her (just about daily) in the ringsling, I haven't worn him since he was 4. Wearing those babies is what I love and it's what I am going to miss most when they are both too big to be my little 'roos.

But, this getting big business is all sorts of fun. There's a whole pile of chapter books to read, bookmarks to make, butterflies to catch, owl pellets to dissect and gardens to plant...all that bring the very best helpers I could ask for. I am never lonely, which is a good thing!


  1. Such a sweet picture! Thanks for sharing!

  2. How cute, but ow my aching back:) Did you carry your 4 year old for security around outside? Just curious...



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