Mother's Day Memories

Mother's day....a great day of remembering.  It's been nearly 20 years since I lost my mom.  I've lived more years without her than with her.  For only 10 years of my life did I have a healthy mother.  But you's okay.  I'm not sad.  I don't even let my mind go to the sad place... I shift my mind right to the happiness, where I want those memories to be. I'm thankful.  I'm thankful to have been inspired by an amazing, loving, energetic, giving and social woman. She spent her days giving all she had to my brother and me and her influence runs deep.  Every picture I have of her, her love radiates.  I am one lucky girl to have had a mom like her.

My very first wedding (Uncle Randy and Aunt Di)
 My very first trip to Maine...who would have guessed I'd make Maine home sweet home?!
Wasn't she lovely?
I'm thankful to still have my gram alive.  My mom's mom.  I don't know anyone more loving, complimentary and positive than her.   She was definitely a strong maternal figure in my life, especially when my mom was ill and after she passed. I'm so thankful that once I was in college, I decided to make a point to take my gram on a vacation every year.  For seven years, we gallivanted together and I have oodles of pics to remember our travels by. Thankful that although she cannot travel any longer, I'm still able to visit her every summer.

And so it goes, we're onto the next generation.  I get to ring in the new year with this little lady who is not a fan of sleeping.  She's talked about chickens and sheep. She's fixed my hair, rubbed my back, given me a dozen kisses, explained how much she loves me and given my shoulders a quick massage. Seems as though she's handing out the Mother's Day presents early... and apparently sleeping isn't one of them! She is mighty that makes up the no sleep. Sorta.

Wishing you a very special Mother's Day.


  1. Great memories! Both my Mom and Grandma were not the best relationships I've had sadly.

    For your daughter- tell her the best gift she can give you is go to bed, stay there and have sweet dreams. So Mom can go to sleep! Does she take naps still? Might be time to eliminate those over time...

  2. I love our peeks into your family. Thank you for sharing the incredible life you were meant to have.......



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