Line Dried Clothes and Meals from the Wood Cookstove


This weather! Yesterday really cold, caught some outdoor time between raindrops, wet bottoms from sliding on a wet slide, wool socks, sweatshirts, two fires going inside to take the chill off and cooked multiple meals while the wood cookstove was hot. 

And today? Two loads on the line, dry in no time, shorts, open windows, sunshine.  But....we still get to enjoy delicious means that were cooked on the cookstove.  Feels like a win!

1 comment:

  1. I thought you guys would be starting to get some warmer weather now, since it's cooling off down here! I can only imagine you might be hanging out for some warm weather because I know I'm enjoying the cool change from our hot summer
    Is it the new cookstove? When I saw your post about it I was intrigued, I think they might be built around here in South Australia



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