The other day we left the house before I got a fire started (which is atypical, as usually I wake up and start a fire). We got home after lunch time, everyone was hungry and I had groceries to put away.  I split some kindling and Adrian volunteered to get the fire set up. Before long, he announced it was ready for the match (which the match part is my job).  He backed away as I lit the match and whoosh.  Fire. 
 One match was all it took and this kid's fire took off!  The first fire he built solo and it only took one match!  Look how surprised he is!!!
 That's better than his dad!  (And me too at times, to be honest!)
 And Miss Audra is sitting on our new wool hearth rug...happy birthday to me from my dad (thank you!).  January 10th marks 36 trips around the sun for me and we shall celebrate with warmth by the fire given the frigid Maine temps.  Tomorrow morning I think I'll just let Adrian get the fire started given his skills!  Next up...I need to teach them how to make me coffee.  Maybe this parenthood gig will get relaxing eventually afterall. (ha!)


  1. Happy Birthday! Your kids are truly so amazing.

  2. Happy birthday! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Tell Adrian, congrats on his amazing fire skills!



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