January Days

One of my most favorite months of the year is January. I know, it's a month many are not a fan of, especially those who live in winter climates.  I love when all the holiday business dies down and it's too cold/snowy to get things done outside.  Obligations are fewer, calendars are more sparse. We can be home sweet home for days, in pajamas if we want to be!  This January has been awesome so far.  In 4 days we have only been to the library and church. And we get home and change back into our pajamas, naturally.  The projects, the play, the crafts, extended reading time, the togetherness... I'm enjoying every minute.

Here's a bit of what we've been up to....

She's been doing glitter.  All the glitter.  It's all over our house.

 And painting nails. She painted mine. And hers.
 And Holly's.
 And Kammie's.
 Plus Ms. Mother Hen is practicing to be a sister....with her mama made dolls and Zip.
 Lucky Zip.
 He's been doing Legos. All the legos!
 And a lot of drawing.
 Plus making books.  This is his animal book we finally put into a binder. There's likely 100+ animals he has written a fact and drawn a picture about. He's been working on it for months. He's mighty proud of this book. But he also has been making books with stories...a rescue adventure and one about going to the doctor.

I'm so excited that there's still a lot left to January....which means we have lots more time at home and lots more time to do what we love best.

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