Creating for baby

I have exactly 3 months to go before baby #3 is due. Where has the time gone?! I finally crafted something with baby arrival in mind. Just some upcycled wipes out of old receiving blankets.

The kids and I also went through all of the newborn and 0-3 month old baby stuff.  They both had fun sorting it all.  We have plenty of clothes and diapers!  Feeling so blessed!  Pretty much all we need to buy is some non-stained sleeping nightgowns (I love those things!), a car seat and some disposable things we'd replace with a new baby, like bottle nipples and pacifiers.  Just unpacking all the stuff has made things seem so much more real to the kids. Audra cannot wait to pick outfits out and help dress the baby. I have a feeling I will not get to play 'dress up' too often with Audra around helping.  I'm so excited for both of my kids to be big silblings to a newborn!

1 comment:

  1. They will be the BEST big brother and sister. I hope Adrian is warming up to having another girl in the house.
    Love how you are already prepping for this sweet bundle. What a magnificent spring you will have.



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