Winter Rhythm

If you've been around these parts long enough, you know I'm a huge advocate for rhythm with kids. Not schedule with a timeline, but a rhythm or a pattern in how we do things. A 'first, then, next' type of approach instead of a 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 approach. I swear having a strong and consistent rhythm makes a huge difference with behavior and cooperation.  Things flow better with a good rhythm.

Living in Maine, our rhythm always seems to change with the seasons. I'm reflecting back on the rhythms of past winters.  I recall beginning our mornings starting a fire and snuggling until we got warm one winter.  Another winter I remember Adrian crawling into bed with me and we'd read a chapter of a book before we had breakfast. Last year my kids would meet me in the barn and sit with me as I finished morning milking. Such fond memories.

This year?  Not such a gentle peaceful start to the day as we were used to years past.  My kids are all hyped up in the morning lately. I have gotten into the pattern of rolling out of bed and sending them outside.  We throw snowpants over their pajamas and off they go. In a way, it doesn't make sense to bundle them up and send them out the coldest part of the day, when the sun has just barely peeked it's way up, but I tell you, when they come in the house, it's been awesome.  Energy is gone, appetite is up. By the time they come back in, I've finished morning chores, I have a fire going and their breakfast is on the table.  We then can dive into our morning readings and projects that I do with them each day (regardless of whether I'm working or not).

It fascinates me how different our rhythm is from one season to the next and from one winter to the next.
  What I am thankful for is that we find that rhythm, the rhythm that grounds us, sets up our days for success and keeps us plenty busy and motivated.

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  1. Sounds like it's workin' for ya!
    Tell Adrian that I am excited to be seeing snow after a long, long time! Does he have any advice for me?



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