"One more"

For about 4 years now, I've asked for a 3rd baby. "One more. Pleeeease!"  I honestly thought that ship had sailed...but here I am in the 3rd trimester, feeling that sweet precious baby of mine flop around in there as she always does this time of night.  My kids get to feel her quite a bit during bedtime books, which is just so special.  They both have been collecting a few things for the baby.  Adrian even used some of his Christmas money to buy some special things for her.  They really have enjoyed getting baby supplies down from the attic too. They are getting excited. We all are getting excited. Although April 7th does feel like forever to go, this picture below was July 4th, 2012 and it feels like just yesterday these two first met.  April will be here before we know it!  Today, I'm counting my blessings.  


  1. So excited for y'all! It's no surprise that your little firecracker was born on Independence Day! And notice that Adrian is not wearing John Deere green!
    Enjoy this precious time.



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