Woodstove Desserts

Sometimes I stop and think...what will they remember about me as their mama? My constant struggle with keeping up the housework? My frenzied state on my work days as I try to get everything set at home and packed for work while still being on time? How exhausted I have been during pregnancy at bedtime? Those moments when patience wasn't my strongest quality? 

There is no perfect parent.  Those times when I know I could have done better, I am very hard on myself.  

Truth be told, there are many more good moments than there are challenging ones.  I'm hoping my kids are much more likely to remember those times when we made no bakes on the wood stove than those times when I fell short. 

Comforting thoughts to go with comfort food. Warm no bakes topped with ice cream.  The perfect ending to any day.

1 comment:

  1. Yes and choclate always helps! And great helpers. Love the French oatmeal tin! Cute :) Nancy



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