(Even More) of our Winter Rhythm

Wrote about our afternoon rhythm here.
Wrote about our morning rhythm here

And now our evening rhythm.

I'm a firm believer in family meals. In the summer, we eat on the screened porch and end up outside after to enjoy the sunset.  In the pitch black cold Maine winters, outside is not where any of us want to be after dinner!  With new Christmas board and card games, and having that wood cookstove to warm us that we didn't have years past, we've fallen into an after dinner game night routine.  

 While my very favorite part of the day is bedtime book reading, game time is a close 2nd.  Especially on those rare nights when all four of us are home to play.


  1. Happy for you that you are able to enjoy such a simple pleasure. I love board games!

  2. It is a pleasure that you must keep. Worth so much more than wathing the news...



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