I haven't been to the thrift store in FOREVER, so it seems. Well, forever for me.   I have been trying to get rid of stuff instead of add more.  But, when I was dropping off a load of donations, I decided just to look around. Glad I did!

Look Alike book, James Herriot book, Book about birds (for my 6 year old bird lover), a set of Woolrich twin flannel sheets (which the flannel Woolrich ones I thrifted last month for our bed are amazing!), two containers of beads, the Robinson Ransbottom pottery I collect.  $5.00. Score!


  1. Great find and I LOVE Herriot books!

  2. Another great score. My boy has that Look Alike book and one other by the same author. It is amazing what she creates in her books. He is 16 and still enjoys them. Heck, I do too!



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