New Challenge: Bag 1

Here and there I am reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.  I'm not full force doing her method of going through everything at once, but I have gotten rid of a TON of stuff. I do keep thinking of her suggestion about keeping only the things that "spark joy". 

I look at my collection of reusable bags and there's not much joy sparked. Now, I do love the idea behind reusable bags-bringing them to the store to tote purchases home in something non disposable.  However, I have such a miscellaneous medley of bags that do not spark me any joy.  Although functional, they are not bags I'd go out and purchase.  I have no idea where the ones I own came from, but there certainly is a medley.

My goal before the baby is born is to replace as many random reusable bags as possible with some handmade ones. I have quite a few hand embroidered pieces that I thrifted that really ought to make their way into something. Bags may just be it.

The baby is due April 7th. If I'm feeling up to it, I hope to make a bag a week.  Perhaps by the time my little ones is born, I can pass on my random re-usable bags and have quite a collection of handmade re-usable bags.   

Here's bag one...all material thrifted, including the hand embroidered swan.


  1. That's a great goal! We use our daisy totes for just about everything and gave away all of our store-bought bags containing items for the Meals on Wheels thrift store back in Florida. Win-win!

  2. I've used bags since the 80's and none are pretty. Just random bags picked up here and there. I think I'll decorate them! Thanks for a great idea



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