A quick dip

As a kid I remember asking for a pool.

My dad: "You have a camp on the St. Lawrence River. We're not getting a pool." 

And he'd bring us almost daily when it was hot for a quick dip.

Fast forward to decades later...

My kids: "Mama, can we get a pool?"

Me: "We live in a coastal town. You can swim in the ocean. We're not getting a pool."

And so we take advantage in the summer.

We're here multiple times a week.

And I finally brought my camera.

We usually go in the late afternoon, when the tourists who do beach days have left. It's quite frequent we have the beach to ourselves. 

I pinch myself that this is our home sweet home.  These kids are mighty lucky that the ocean is their "pool".


  1. Oh my gosh! Anna-Kate is walking! When did that happen?

    What great summer memories these babies will have.



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