Audra's 6th Birthday Re-cap

 She wanted an old fashioned party. We got out the fine china for BLTs, chips and fruit salad. Aprons were the attire.
 Missing some loved ones, but a fine time she had.

 Cake is a frozen andes mint type cake.  Chocolate on bottom, mint chip in the middle, chocolate on top, chocolate fudge and whipped cream topped.

 Anna-Kate ate a chunk and signed 'more' for another round.

 She got some great new clothes, dresses and such. Folks who love her certainly spoiled her.  The top item is this typewriter, thrifted for $10.00.  I hear the tap tap tap allllllll the live long day, even at 5am. She loves it.


  1. It's GOOD to be six! Love her typing gloves!

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