Tractor time

A distinct rumbling.
The kids stop, ears perked. 
Is it?
In our back field?
Let's go see. 

And just like that every plan for that day and days coming put on hold, for haying time is a holiday 'round these parts.  Adrian doesn't want to miss a millisecond of it.

And so he watches from his post, until Farmer Rick asks him if he's ready to bale.  IS HE READY?  He was born ready.
 The first day he was invited to hop on the tractor, we had just returned from church. I had not fed him lunch yet. He had no water. He disappeared for 4 1/2 hours.  The mama bear in me worried if he was okay, given the day was a scorcher in temps. He returned unphased, elated and smiling ear to ear.  Did I know he got to DRIVE the John Deere? 

Thanks to Farmer Rick, we have our backyard looking sharp.

 Farmer Rick said "You don't mind if I leave my machinery here. You'll look after it for me, right?"

Yes. Absolutely. Adrian keeps tabs on it. You can more than count on him.

 This boy was born with tractors and cows in his blood.  He talks about his John Deere adventures to anyone who will listen.  After haying is wrapped up, I get asked when the Tractor and Engine show is coming, for he knows that's the next farming holiday.
 And this beauty, she goes with the flow and listens to his tractor talk, thankfully.
Thankful for Adrian to have these opportunities in his own backyard.

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  1. What great memories for them. Do y'all have an antique tractor club near you? We had a great one in Central Florida and that boy would have been in Heaven there!
    I found this:
    Not sure if it's near you, but it might be worth a day's traveling!

    We love John Deere here too. C still watches the videos and listens to the music (James Coffey).

    Take good care of that tractor now, y'hear? ;0D



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