Library Book Sales

No. I don't have a problem buying vintage books at library book sales. YOU DO.

Hello, my name is Jackie and I have done a wee bit of shopping.

Okay, so I'm out of control. BUT, they don't write books the way they used to.  Language is so much richer in the old books. And they teach in story form rather than listing random facts.  Although there are oodles of books, it's definitely not too much. Stuff we'll use in our homeschool journey, for sure.

Above is a combination of two different sales. Just about all were a quarter a piece. I could seriously sell one book on ebay and get all my money back.  But I will not do that because I keep my books forever and ever and ever and ever.

Here are close up of the gems, in case there are other book lovers out there. <3

Now...I need another bookshelf. Or maybe a whole room library.


  1. Oh yeah, more bookshelves for sure. I'm sure many of them will be family favorites. Happy reading!

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